Penomet Verses Other Hydro Penis Pumps

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So how does Penomet penis pump measure up against its competition, that is other hydro penis pumps such as Bathmate Penis Pump, is quite interesting. So let the drums roll. You see Penomet is made from the latest technology in penis enlargement. And was engineered by professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in the field of penis enlargement and with input from over 1000 individuals worldwide. Now that's serious input to produce a top quality product!

Penomet is made from materials with topnotch quality. That is high-quality polycarbonate plastics. It is one of the toughest plastics ever made by man and is virtually unbreakable. This pump is made to last more than a lifetime!

And guess what, the engineers were able to imprint directly into the plastics a precise measurement scale both in inches and centimeters so you can see your progress. The other hydro pump has a stamp on numbers which can fade after continuous use.

Penomet uses Medical Grade Silicone of the best possible kind. However, the competitors use a cheap synthetic rubber. What a shame. Ha!

Penomet Hydro Penis Pump Vs Bathmate Hydro Penis Pump

The Penomet penis pump has an innovative interchangeable Gaiter System which is very easy to use. Meaning you have the option of 5 gaiters to use, each one has a different strength. So when you own a Penomet with 5 gaiters it's like you own 5 penis pumps in one! 

The other hydro pumps such as Bathmate penis pumps just come with one gaiter and you have to buy another pump which has a stronger gaiter if you want to go to the next level. Read why the different gaiters in Penomet are essential for fast penis enlargement. Here is a list of Bathmate penis pumps that are just gonna go obsolete when Penomet become popular.

1. Bathmate Hydromax X30
2. Bathmate Hercules
3. Bathmate Goliath

What Makes It Good

Penomet has won awards and certificates for quality and performances. None another hydro pump can say that or even dream of this. Penomet received the prize in the category “Best Male Enhancement Product 2012”. Yeah, Go Penomet! Imagine 5000 Penomet was sold out in 3 days! Read here for more Penomet in the News stories.

The quality is just amazing and the durability of the gaiters are so great that the company offers a Lifetime Gaiter Replacement Warranty. But the most amazing thing is that there is a 365 day Money Back Guarantee. What company can give you these offers? Totally None!

In conclusion guys, we all can see that the competition between Penomet penis pump and other hydro penis pumps such as Bathmate penis pump, Penomet penis pump won by light years ahead.

Alternate the Gaiters to use Penomet Penis Pump for faster gains. Learn more at

You should alternate the gaiters you use within the same day or in the same exercise; as this would greatly improve the potential of your penis to get bigger and maximize the blood flow coming into your penis that is essential for penis growth by cell devotion for permanent enlargement.

There are five different Gaiters available for the Penomet System as shown below on the image from the left: Force 60, Force 65, Force 70 (Comes with the Penomet Standard), Force 75 and Force80.

Two Hardcore Exercises to do when you use Penomet Penis Pump

Exercise 1: Get yourself 100% erect and attach the Penomet. I like to use water in the chamber but this exercise can be done dry if proper pressure can be found or in the bath or shower.
Pump up to the highest pressure, you will want enough suction that you can pull on the device's tube with intensity and the Penomet stays attached to the penis. This "pulling" on the tube creates an internal stretching that is AMAZING. Once good suction is found you can start the exercise. It may be necessary to re-pump periodically to keep good suction for these stretches.

Exercise 2: Get yourself 100% erect and attach your Penomet. Now pump to maximum pressure and keep pressure high for 5 minutes. Now remove the Penomet and go directly into a 5-minute jelqing session. This completes one set. You will want to do a total of 3 sets. Your routine will look like this:

5 Minutes in Penomet
5 Minutes Jelqing
5 Minutes in Penomet
5 Minutes Jelqing
5 Minutes in Penomet
5 Minutes Jelqing

Expansion: AMAZING. After one session it is not uncommon to see a temporary gain of more than an inch! with this routine, you will be able to make those gains permanent in no time.

X4 Labs Full-Review: What Makes It So Popular

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The X4 Labs penis extender is the one and only safe an luxurious method for increasing penis size, and by just gaining inches in months, you can be on your way to a healthy and happy sex life. X4 Labs is guaranteed to give you quick permanent results and will leave you and your partner satisfied in bed.

No more need to be shy at the gym or self-conscious around your friends, with it you can grow your penis a couple of inches in no time, and prove to be more confident and dominant in relationships.

The X4 Labs Penis Extender is CE Certified and medically approved in addition to being vouched by many doctors and surgeons. It is a groundbreaking device guaranteed to break into your sex life and amaze you with its results. This is a device which elongates your penis permanently by gradually stretching it and causing new cells to generate adding tissue and increasing your size.

The patented technology is derived from ancient methods of body modifications and has been practiced for centuries. Now you can have it in your hands and use it to your advantage. So let X4Labs take you out of your misery and add happiness to your life by giving you a bigger penis.

My Review

I’m a highly allergic person, and I have always been scared to try new things that my body is not used to. However when I found out that X4labs penis extender has been allergen tested, and proven allergy free I ordered it and received it in a discreet package. I was happy to figure out how easy it works, and not only does it have a silicone tube and straps, it is also the only penis extender with a 4 in 1 quad support piece.

I felt the results immediately with stronger erections and longer sessions of sex. I was soon on my way to a bigger penis and a happier sex life with my girlfriend. Now I have to admit, part of my problem with girls had been my curvature being too much on my penis, called Peyronie’s disease. After using the X4 Labs penis extender for about 5 months I noticed a tremendous increase in size, and my penis was straighter than ever. I gained about an inch and a half just in 5 months, and have increased in both length and girth. Learn more at

I am proud to say that I and my girlfriend are getting married, and I am now the confident man that I have always wanted to be thanks to the X4 Labs penis enlarger. I would recommend this to anyone large or small it doesn’t matter. You can always be bigger.


Price: 5 stars

Cheaper than most penis extenders and it comes with many accessories which make it well worth its price.

Durability: 5 stars

Highly durable, and built to last, the X4 Labs penis enlarger is one of the toughest things on the market.

Effectiveness: 5 stars

Highly effective and great results seen almost immediately, it is a remarkable product with great results.

Comfort: 3 stars

Not the most comforting thing to have around your penis, but its bearable, and it takes a while to get used to.


X4 Labs Penis Enlarger is one of the most advanced penis extenders on the market today, it is made with a 4-1 quad support piece, with both a silicone tube and straps guaranteed to give you comfort and durability all in one. This makes the X4Labs penis enlarger one of the most versatile penis extender available. It is approved by doctors and medically certified. The number one choice by surgeons and doctors all across the world, the X4 Labs penis enlarger is guaranteed to give you quick results and increased libido along with sexual performance.

X4 labs pride itself on its quality engineering and technology which improves blood flow to your penis. X4 labs are so confident in its product that it offers an extensive lifetime warranty on top of its 6-month guarantee. The simple principle of its mechanism called traction guarantees immediate and permanent results, which will increase penis size and strength according to


X4 Labs has received media attention around the globe. It has proven effective in numerous clinical studies. It has also been featured on Yahoo News, Reuters,, CBS, ABC along with other big news and media companies. It has appeared all around the globe and continues to grow popularity throughout the nations.


X4 Labs penis enlarger is easy to use and very efficient. The 4 in 1 quad support piece makes it easy to move along in and offers great support. It is a great addition to all the exercises and other methods of male enhancement. It also looks really cool and feels great. They have truly made an amazing product with great results.


X4 Labs penis extender can be a bit tricky to use at first due to having a lot of parts, but once you get it assembled it is easy to use. As far as comfort goes, it is not the most comfortable thing to have around your penis, but you get used to it and it feels like a part of your body afterward.

Product add-ons

X4 labs do not specialize in extenders only, it offers many other products of male enhancement, such as pills, penis pumps, penis extensions, and additional accessories to keep it interesting in the bedroom. It also comes in a few packages ranging from Gold Premium with the full list of accessories, the Gold editions, the Deluxe edition, the Peyronie’s edition, and the starter edition. All of them are available in the quad support or hybrid modes and come in a full size or mini. A fully customizable device guaranteed to fit any man of every size.


The X4 Labs penis extender is a remarkable breakthrough in the world of penis enlargers and male enhancement. It has been used by thousands of happy customers and is continually gaining popularity every day. It is truly a magnificent product and has many features which make it stand out above the rest. The stretch traction mechanism is recommended by doctors, and the extender device itself if CE Certified, and conforms to the regulations. It is guaranteed to add inches to your penis if used correctly or your money back. That’s how confident X4 Labs is in its product.

Male Edge Pro Review: An Affordable and Reliable Extender

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There are a lot of devices and supplements available online that claim to be able to get you that extra inch or two that you need, but the truth is that over ninety percent of those offers are nothing but fluff. However, there is one well-known, scientifically proven method to get a longer and thicker penis - traction. Traction based extension is used in orthopedics for years, to treat injured or deformed limbs, and the same principle can be utilized to grant men the gift of bigger penile size.

One traction device that's been getting consistently good reviews is called Male Edge, and this short overview is written to elaborate some of the characteristics of this penis extender device.


Male Edge is the latest development of a well-known company in the penis extension market - the same one that developed the world's first penis extension traction device, Jes Extender. As popular as Jes Extender was, the device is over ten years old, and Male Edge can be considered to be a significant update - or rather upgrade - on an already proven and effective solution.

Male Edge, like most other traction devices, works by applying constant force to the penis over an extended period of time. This constant pressure makes the cells that form penile tissue to multiply, creating gains in both length and girth of the penis shaft. And while most well-established traction based penis extension devices can create up to 1500 grams of pressure, the new and improved Male Edge can apply almost twice as much - 2800 grams of pressure per square centimeter, to be exact. Additionally, Male Edge uses a new, next-generation material in its construction, which makes it both much lighter and sturdier than any other device on the market. This means that you can use the device for longer periods of time, without feeling any discomfort.

What To Expect

Male Edge can produce a whopping 28% increase in length and 32% increase in girth of the penis - when used properly and according to the instructions. It also enables you to experience and sustains stronger erections, since it strengthens the muscles of the penis and genital area. If you have an issue with the curvature of the penis size, Male Edge can bean quick way to fix it, since it can strengthen the penis, as well as elongate it.

How Effective Is It?

Male Edge extender is the latest offering from the same company that became famous for its Jes penis extender some years ago. It's clear that the manufacturers of Male Edge have years of experience and a proven track record of making effective male enhancement solutions. Male Edge is supposed to be an upgrade compared to the Jes Extender. The manufacturer's website and marketing materials claim that it's easier to use, more comfortable and ultimately, more effective than it's predecessor.

It comes in several variants - Basic, Extra, and Pro, and offers the following benefits to its users:

  • Up to 25% increase in penis length
  • Up to 14% increase in penis girth
  • Ability to straighten any bends and curves in the penile shaft by 90%
  • Ability to grant it's users harder, stronger and longer lasting erections.

One of the main selling points of Male Edge is its ease of use and comfort. this is of utmost importance for any penis extender device, since the more comfortable and practical a device is, the longer you will be able to use it, which will enable you to make bigger gains in a shorter amount of time.

Male Edge Penis Extender works by exploiting the body's natural ability to adapt to pressure by growing and expanding. It's effective, yet a simple method that has been clinically tested and proven to work. Any body part - including the penile tissue - will adapt to external pressure by stimulating cell growth in the affected area. The result of this cellular growth is the development of new tissue, and that in turn makes your penis longer and thicker. In addition to size benefits, Male Edge can also correct and strengthen any curvature or bends in the penis in a relatively short amount of time.

How Penis Traction Works

Interestingly enough, the idea of using pressure and tension to stimulate penis growth has come from observing a long established practice of certain African and South American tribes. They often use traction to stretch and elongate certain body parts - most notably the lips, neck, and ears. The results that tension creates are permanent in nature, provided that the device is used consistently, for at least four hours each day according to

Since the results are directly dependent on the frequency of the device's usage, the Male Edge manufacturer recommends that the device is used as often as possible. This shouldn't be a problem since it can be used while you go about your day, and even while sleeping.


The response of Male Edge customers has been overwhelmingly positive. According to numerous user testimonials, opinions and reviews published online, Male Edge is indeed effective when it comes to increasing the length and width of the penis. Users also find the device comfortable to wear, even for prolonged periods of time.

The only issue that some users had was with build quality - several customers reported that the device broke down after intensive usage. This may be just the case of a few faulty units, but this shouldn't be much of an issue, since the manufacturer offers replacements, and even money back guarantee for all orders.