How To Get Best Results with Bathmate Penis Pumps

If you have recently bought the bathmate, you will probably be eager to use it! That is all good, but there are certain things you need to take note of. Have you used the Bathmate only to find that it is causing some pain? Are you noticing redness, speckles or signs of bruising?

More than likely you have vigorously pumped the device. This will have created a strong suction. The best thing to do in order to avoid this is to create a slow suction. I made the same mistake when first using the pump and then read the instructions:)

It’s important to use a lubricant so that you avoid any skin irritations and the pulling of your pubic hair. I would just shave the pubic hair so that you can get a better sealing via the hydro pump.

Before Using The Bathmate

If you are suffering from any of the following, it’s important to speak to your doctor before using the Bathmate.

  • Heart or respiratory problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Lung Disease
  • Stroke
  • Epilepsy or Convulsive disorders
  • Genital-urinary disorder, for example, kidney, bladder, testicular or penile problems
It goes without saying that sharing the Bathmate is definitely not recommended. Not only are you risking sexually transmitted infections, you are risking skin irritations and other hygiene problems.
If you are fairly new to using the Bathmate, it’s important to get as much practice as possible. It’s not necessary to use the device for the full 20 minutes per day, you can start off with 10 minutes and get used to the suction.
If you are using the pump carefully and are still experiencing pain, I would suggest you speak with a physician. Usually, after the practice sessions, you will not feel any pain.

Practice Sessions  - How I Started Off

The following is a timetable of my practice sessions before using the Bathmate regularly.

Week 1 – 5 days 10-minute sessions

Week 2 – 5 days 15-minute sessions

Week 3 – 6 days 20-minute sessions

Week 4 – 5 days normal 20-minute sessions

Every 5th week I tend to cut down on the use of bathmate so that my skin is able to heal properly. Using the bathmate for the best results does not mean constant, hardcore use. The real growth occurs during the healing, rest period. Well, it has for me anyway. Hope you found this advice useful. Learn more at

Researching The Bathmate

If you were to research the product on forums, check out reviews and generally talk to people who have used it, you will more than likely get a positive response. Because you fill it up with water and it has a hydro valve pump it makes it comfortable to use and the results are good. Of course, there are some people who do not see results. For those of you who are not seeing any gains, make sure you do the following:

  • Follow the instructions
  • Don’t overuse the Bathmate. After 4 weeks of continuous use, take a 4-5 day break.
  • Try combining the Bathmate with PE workouts.
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Do cardiovascular exercise and resistance workouts
Believe it or not, I do all of the above and it works for me. You don’t have to do everything, but it might work for you.

Benefits of Using Penis Enlargement Pills

If you want to have a longer penis and you don’t have the time to exercise or you don’t feel comfortable to wear a traction device, the best solution for you are the penis enlargement pills. This is definitely one of the most popular penis enlargement options since you don’t really have to do anything except to take the pills every day.

Benefits of Using Penis Enlargement Pills

There are many benefits as well, and one of the main and most important ones is that these pills are made from the natural ingredients. This means that you will not have to deal with any side effects at all. And that is what you have to think about as well when it co tomes choosing the right method for penis enlargement.

Another important fact is that the results are great. There are many customers out there who are more than satisfied with the length and girth of their penises after the treatment.

The best thing about the penis enlargement pills is that all you need to do is take the pill and that is it. You are going to get the results in a matter of weeks and that is one of the main reasons why so many men tend to prefer this method of penis enlargement.

Your blood flow is going to increase which means that your penis is going to get harder and after some time, you are going to notice that it is going to get bigger and thicker. The erectile tissue is going to be developed and that means that your penis is going to stay long for even after you stop taking the pills. However, eventually, in order to get the same results, you will have to start taking the pills once again… Learn more at

No Side Effects

Remember, that there are no side effects when it comes to taking the penis enlargement pills. One of the major advantages of this method of lengthening your penis is that the levels of testosterone are going to be increased as well. That means that you are going to have a better and fulfilling sex life, and that is what all men want. And if you have all that it takes to make your lady happy, you are on the right path to improving your sex life and that is what penis enlargement is all about.

What you need to know about the pills is that it is a great way to make your penis longer. However, there is no need to expect great long-term results since sooner or later you will have to start taking the pills once again if you want to make sure that your penis gets even longer. 

How Effective Are They?

Below are the typical results:

Week 1-3  - You will see real change from your penis, ranging from violent erections, increased sensitivity, and growth of the thickness of your penis.

Week 4-8 - After reaching this week, you will see your new penis size the growth of your penis will be obvious and thickness of your penis will increase substantially.

Week 9+ - Here you will attain perfection of penis enlargement, with new sizes, longer, thicker and will look much healthier, and you'll feel the excitement in your sexual life.

Making Payments to Credit Card After Bankruptcy

Good credit score 700 750

So if you have past due accounts and filed for bankruptcy, there are some things you can do to address this, which can boost your credit score and get it back on track. One is to pay off the whole past due to balance immediately in one fell swoop. By doing this, you can almost instantaneously bring your account back into the land of the living and in the process, restore your credit score to its former glory.

However, the bigger the amount of your past due balance, the bigger the minimum payments will be of interest and charges would’ve already been incorporated into the amount. But nevertheless, it’s still the best and fastest way to prevent your account from totally dying — or being sent to the mortuary called collection agencies — and bringing your credit score along with it to the grave.

Bring Credit Score Up

Another way you can handle your past due to balances in order to bring your credit score back up is to just catch up on your payments. Let’s face it, paying off the entire past due to balance may be too dif´Čücult to do with just one lump sum payment. Reach out to your creditors and negotiate for you to be allowed to pay off your past due balances within 3 to 6 months if needed. That way, you’ll be able to gradually wipe out your past due to balances. Learn more at

If your creditors don’t formally agree to a staggered payment of past due balances? Just add extra payments until you’re able to completely catch up and reinstate your account's status as current.

Just bear in mind that while you’re still making your catch up payments, it'll still be considered past due. Your account will only be restored to its “current” status once you complete all your catch up payments, i.e., settle your past due to balances in full. And if you're not able to catch up by the time your past due account turns 180 days old, it may be completely charged off by your creditors and damage your payment history and credit score. Learn more at

Re-Age Your Past Due Account

If you can actually pay the whole amount of the past due balance without the interest and charges that bloat the amount to mutant proportions, it’d do you good to ask your creditor if it’s possible to re-set or re-age your past due to account. Why? Doing so can make your delinquencies vanish. While creditors aren’t obliged to re-age past due accounts, some do agree to re-age such accounts particularly if it’s a borrower’s first time to become past due. There’s no harm in asking so why not do so?