Is SizeGenetics A Good Penis Extender?

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Earlier, SizeGenetics was meant for correcting the volume of the penis, but now it is proven to be effective for increasing the length and girth of the penis also. If the device is used along with different exercises, it will improve the erections which in turn will allow gaining more control on ejaculation.

How SizeGenetics Works

Different people have different reasons for increasing the size of their penis. There are several methods which can be used for increasing the volume of the penis. One such method is by using the traction device known as SizeGenetics. Do you think that once you attain the traction device that you had ordered you will be able to increase the size of your penis? SizeGenetics can help you do that. As it is the most comfortable device available today, it will raise the rate of your utility so you will begin seeing surprising results in a short time period. If you are wondering that how a traction device helps one increase the size of their penis you need to understand the science behind this penis extender. Learn more at

Try to think about a weightlifter or an athlete who lifts heavy weights. As one continues lifting the weights his muscles start stretching out. This causes duplication of cells and tears in the muscles. Once the healing of the muscle is completed, it becomes larger and firmer as it becomes capable of holding a large amount of blood. The working of SizeGenetics is very simple. When a person attaches the devices to the penis, it starts supplying a constant traction in the penis automatically which holds blood while an erection takes place.

When you think how to attain a big penis next time, consider using SizeGenetics. As it can apply a stable traction in the penis known as Corpora Cavernosa, the tissues present inside the penis gets separated and gives rise to new cells. It increases the volume of Corpora Cavernosa which then raises the blood flow to the penis. As the area around the penis gets extended, one enjoys hard and big erections. Medical professionals consider SizeGenetics to be the most useful and successful traction device as it can be used in a safe manner.

SizeGenetics for Peyronies Disease

If you have never suffered from it, then you most probably do not know what Peyronie’s disease is. Even though it sounds like something that can be transmitted to someone else or something that involves different kinds of foreign organisms in your body, it is, in fact, nothing more than a physical deformity, in this case of the penis. To be more precise, it is a disorder of the connective tissue which is found in the top part of the penis, the part you look at when you look down on your penis.

It is a condition that affects somewhere about 10% of men in the world and it is a condition that can only be noticed when the penis is erect. The majority of the symptoms that are involved in this condition are caused by fibrous plaques that are formed in the part of the penis known as tunica albuginea. This is a sheath of connective tissue that is going around the corpora cavernosa, which is the part of the penis that gets filled with blood during erections.

Cures for Peyronie's Disease

While it does not entirely know what the exact causes of Peyronie’s disease are, there have been several proposed causes. Today, the doctors and surgeons believe that the main cause in the majority of cases is some sort of trauma to the penis, usually during intercourse. The interesting thing is that men may not even remember that this has happened and that they even did not notice it at the moment when it happened SizeGenetics used for treating Peyronies disease.

The symptoms also vary from one person to the other and while curvature is almost always present, other symptoms such as problems during intercourse such as pain or some other difficulties may or may not be present. For most men, the issue is also of cosmetic nature as it shortens the penis and makes it seem less attractive.

Over the years, there have been numerous treatments proposed, but as of relatively recently, it was decided that penis extenders such as SizeGenetics are the best way to address this issue. SizeGenetics, unlike surgery is perfectly safe and it is also a cheap option to deal with SizeGenetics. In fact, it is today by far the best option if you are looking for a way to alleviate the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease. It was reported that the use of SizeGenetics can correct the curvature up to 92% and even more in some cases, which leads to alleviation of other symptoms as well. Learn more at


Now, as more and more males are now searching for ways by which they can raise the size of their penis, the market of solutions for penis enlargement is expanding. There are some companies that sell cheap products, so you should be aware of them. You should not select a traction device which causes pain in the penis. SizeGenetics solves this issue and has been approved after undergoing several medical tests. This penis extender is manufactured with high-quality materials that are not affected by rust. Nowadays, as the popularity of SizeGenetics is going on rising they are now available online also.


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