Jes Extender Benefits: What To Expect

As you get older, it is common for erections to become weak. This is just the first step towards impotence. To make matters worse, your erections also become smaller because they are not capable of holding as much blood. No man wants to be inadequate with a small, shriveled penis. Luckily, Jes Extender can help you solve this problem. Not only will you get a bigger penis with Jes Extender, but you can also get better erections and ward off a future of impotence.

Jes Extender Weak Erections

Jes extendersThe main reasons that men get weak erections are 1) poor blood circulation and 2) weak cells. When your blood circulation becomes weaker, then your penis cells are being deprived of the crucial nutrients they get through blood. Your penis will also not be able to swell up to its maximum potential during erection so you get flaccid, shriveled hardons. When your penis cells become weak, then you will not be able to hold a large amount of blood. This too can cause weak, shriveled erections. These two problems usually occur together. If not treated, you are likely to become impotent in the near future.

Jes Extender is not marketed as a solution for weak erections. However, follow-up studies with Jes Extender users have found that extension improves erectile quality. Scientists researching these positive benefits on erectile quality have discovered the reasons why Jes Extender is so effective.

When you use Jes Extender, you are providing your penis with a “workout.” The extension device does for your penis what weight lifting does for your muscles. As you wear the enlargement device, your penis cells are pulled apart. The cells then replicate to fill in the gaps between the cells. These new cells are young, healthy, and strong. Thus, they are capable of holding much more blood.

Jes Extender to Correct Penile Curvature

The penis is comprised of several tubes for transporting blood in and out of the penis during erection. Around these tubes is a thin white sheath Jes Extender is a Solution for Curved Penisescalled the tunica. The tunica is actually what makes your penis get hard during erection. When the penis tubes become engorged with blood, they expand and push out against the tunica. When the tunica gets stretched taut, your penis becomes very hard.

The tunica is very important because it protects the sensitive tubes within the penis from damage. However, the tunica is not immune to damage. If it gets bent while stretched tight, then tears can occur in the tunica. These tears heal up as scar tissue known as plaque. Scar tissue is not as flexible as healthy tissue so, when you get an erection, your tunica will not expand evenly. Instead, your penis will curve over the plaque area.

In some cases, the damage is drastic enough to make the tunica pop. This is called a penis fracture. If this very painful fracture occurs, your penis could start curving immediately. In most cases, the damage to the tunica is gradual but frequent – such as caused by a sideways pull during masturbation. That is why most men have a penis curvature going in the direction of the hand they use.


Even while you wear the Jes Extender device, you are benefiting your erections. The device causes more blood to be drawn into your penis. This increased blood flow helps to keep your penis cells healthy, strong and flexible.

The combined benefits of Jes Extender for erectile quality are undeniable. With new, healthy cells and increased penis blood flow, your erections will be stronger than ever. While Jes Extender is only certified as a penis enlargement device, there is no reason why you shouldn’t reap the benefits of better erections while also getting a larger penis. Learn more at

What To Expect

When you use Jes Extender, you are applying a constant forward traction on your penis. This causes the cells to split apart and replicate into new Jes Extender is a Solution for Curved Penisescells. Over time, the scar tissue causing the penis curvature will thin out. During erection, the tunica will stretch much more evenly so a curvature does not occur. In clinical studies into penis extension, men were able to fix penis curvatures by 70%.

The only other solution for fixing curved penis syndrome is surgery. However, penis straightening surgery has the negative effect of shortening the penis. With Jes Extender to straighten the penis, you will also be enlarging your penis. Unless you have an abnormally large penis, then Jes Extender is by far the best method of correcting a curved penis. Learn more at


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