Penis Extenders for Peyronie's Disease

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Penis Extenders for Peyronies Disease

Attraction device is used to treat penis curvature in men. It's a plastic ring that fits around the base of your penis and the ring is attached to two movable metal rods that applied traction downward on the penis. The penis traction device uses gentle but consistent traction to stretch the penis and the tissues that are responsible for the length of the penis.  As a result of using the traction device for a period of several months, you will trigger the body's natural response of growing more tissue to ease the tension in the penis caused by Peyronie's disease.

The more you use the penis extender and the traction device, the more tension you apply determines the success you can expect. You have to start slowly and increase the time gradually until the devices in place for approximately eight to nine hours per day. Each traction sessions should last no longer than two hours. The benefits of using the penis extender include improvements in penile curvature, and you will also expect to have an increase in size and the length of the penis.

The benefits of using the penis extender are that the cost of the treatment is only for the traction device. It happens to be one of the cheaper forms of treatment of Peroni's disease, which is available today according to


The disadvantages of the penile traction device are the time and the commitment required. It requires several hours a day and several months of use in order to gain the advantages and the length and the decrease in curvature. The more you use the device, the better results you can expect according to

There are almost negligible or no side effects if the device is used properly. Occasionally a man will complain of itching and a sore head of the penis. So does the penis extend her work. It has high patient satisfaction in men that use the extenders for the treatment of Peyronie's disease. Learn everything you need to know about penis extenders.


The average man can expect an increase in the length of his penis between one to two inches and also a small increase in girth or the distance around the penis. The penis stretching device is also shown to improve penile curvature and the hourglass or indentation deformity in men with Peyronie's disease.


So in summary, Perot disease is a common condition affecting many men. There are multiple treatment options including watchful waiting medications, injections, surgery, but the penile traction device is certainly one effective treatment option high. I hope you have found this article helpful and useful. Learn more at


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