Pherazone Ultra ... Is This Pheromone Legal?

Using Pherazone has been an amazing experience for me. Vienna, I approach a woman telling her she's really cute while being out of breath myself.

My Pherazone User Experience

I slept in a shared dorm room, but during the afternoon, no one was there except me and her. I make some tea, we only have one cup. Her voluptuous lips touch my cup. As a young and inexperienced man I wish I was that cup. I looked at her. She looked back, I noticed myself starting getting shy, even though we sat like 3 meters apart. The first punch comes. Witaah! My body and dick yelled in unison. I had applied two dabs of Pherazone on my pulse points.

25 minutes go by and she is completely digging me. I could feel the magnetic attraction.

I didn't dare to look at her anymore. The pheromone attraction was so strong I didn’t even know what to do.  I didn't have any form of composure left. She asks: what's wrong? I still couldn't speak. Man, I feel the pressure even now. I told myself that I needed to speak. I needed to voice my desires. The voice didn't need to be strong, I allowed it to be any voice that I could muster. All I needed was a fucking voice.

I slowly start speaking and tell her that she looks me so deep in the eyes the whole time that I get really insecure. She asks calmly why I get insecure. I look at her brazen blue eyes and I tell her because she is one of the most attractive people that I ever saw in my entire life (still is!). Up until then I wasn't even able to see a flaw in her face and after 1 hour of looking so closely at it, I finally found one. Perfect faces with a very small flaw are the worst, because they gave me the hint of reliability but I felt clearly outmatched. The only thing I didn't do was eject or give up, for me this definitely was the definition of plowing. At this point I didn't only blush, my body got red and I got really warm and butterflies were raging like mad carnivorous horror insects, devouring the small amounts of validation I could detect. Check out Pherazone Ultra at

She replies that she's just being polite. Now that I'm thinking back about it, either she was really relaxed, really naive or playing me hard. I actually told her to stop and do it less, because I couldn't even talk -- I still stuttered and talked slowly at this point. She complied, the chairs never got any closer than those 3 meters, eventually we left.

Pherazone Pheromones Conclusion

It has been pretty obvious to me that Pherazone pheromones are the real deal and work incredibly well. With 7 different ultra concentrated pheromones and proprietary pheromone blend it has become obvious that Pherazone is  the best product on the market. What I'm wondering in this situation is why didn't my beloved left jabbing elements of myself pulled the right punch. Why did it never happen? 

Now that I'm asking myself the question my 2 boxing frenzied ninja's were actually throwing right punches all the time! Only at the last second they retracted it out of fear. I am clearly describing that I stopped thinking! Yea sounds like a scared retracted punch), only I didn't act. I asked her to decrease this intensity. I wondered what would've happened if I just acted then. It's interesting right? So you can get: witaah! istia! Or you can get the scared witaah! The last one happens when self-esteem is too low, which it was. Actually, I eventually (16 hours later) managed to get sex with her, even during the sex I still felt insecure. I didn't feel worthy of her wrapping my arms around me. I didn't feel worthy of kissing her and touching her huge and perfectly proportioned boos (and we talked about PO-LI-TICS! once in the 1st min. of meeting xD). I didn't feel worthy of her sucking my dick while she was doing it. Jesus, what a mess I was. It actually detracts from the sexual experience, but that's a story for another time. Get pheromone advice here.