Pheromones and Sexual Attraction

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In this article, I talk about pheromones and sexual attraction. Self-confidence is a feeling that you can actually see. You can look into the eyes of a successful person and see the strong inner-conviction they possess. They have a strong belief in themselves that they can remove or overcome any stressful object life puts in front of them. You also see it in those who feel sexy and attractive.

Especially if they really are from an objective view. People naturally gravitate to those who exude self-confidence and attractiveness. But did you know people also gravitate to a little-known chemical that all of us have? That chemical is known as pheromones according to

What Are Pheromones

First, pheromones are chemical agents that have a psychological effect on the opposite sex. They can induce a behavioral response when released. There are different kinds of pheromones. In the animal world, the three main kinds are those that send off important warnings about potential or nearby predators, those that provide a guide to food sources, and those that deal with mate selection. In humans, this would be the connection between pheromones and sexual attraction. They are a non-verbal means of communication which we may not recognize but are very much important in producing behavioral responses to the other sex. Learn more at

Men and Women Respond to Human Pheromones

Both men and women respond to pheromones. If you are a guy, have you ever sat close to a woman or been up close to her and for whatever reason found yourself really turned on by the smell of her perfume? If you were, then there is a good explanation for it. Some perfumes contain natural female pheromones, and this was probably why you found yourself aroused. But men aren’t the only ones. When it comes to pheromones and sexual attraction, women also respond. In fact, researchers have found that natural pheromones exist in the man’s armpits. Learn more at

If you’re like most people, you’re probably puzzled as to why that part of the body which is known to be one of the most foul-smelling places. Indeed these pheromones give off an odor that produces a reaction in women. Do understand that you should not take this as advice to renounce the practice of putting on deodorant! Do keep yourself washed and clean. All warnings aside, there is a natural chemical that appeals to women (which if you stink, you are neutralizing!) and studies have shown women are drawn to it.

Consequently, just as with perfume, there are now colognes being made using pheromones which have been quite effective.

Boost Your Attraction

So what is the connection between pheromones and sexual attraction? Deep down, we all want to be loved and desired. And most of us probably want to be sexually attractive, which is essential in sparking the flames to bringing a man and woman together in the first place. When you feel attracted to a person, you give off a natural pheromone. Of course, you could multiply that pheromone by wearing a product that contains it. But we all in some sense carry our own naturally made pheromone product just by being attracted to someone.