Pheromones are Important

Pheromones are important and can be found all over the world. And it´s a pretty known fact that after 20-30 days of doing a new pheromonal activity, of changing your life, it becomes natural and a habit, so lets say you want to write a book, it´s enough to put all your energy, and maybe even have hard fights with yourself to cut out all distractions for these 20 days, and just write 3 hours a day no matter what, and if you slip just get back on it, and then it´s supposed to get easier. As for the pheromone hypnosis tapes, or motivational tapes, I´d think they work best with meditation and in sleep? I used to listen to them while playing videogames butthink that’s counter-productive. Learn more about pheromones at

I´ve also had a girl I really adore record some stuff I put in my tapes, and this makes me feel great, but yeah, what could be more powerful than having a great girl in your life to share your ambitions with, who wants the same, like, lets say a big house by the ocean. Just get obsessed with it and keep reminding yourself of STOPPING any activity that’s not getting you there with increased pheromone production? Learn more about Max Attraction Gold at

But if you just keep watching pheromone lectures and get so much pleasure from it, i can easily see it taking away motivation to do something better thanks.

Asking for a woman’s pheromone input is important, and how you ask is as important as the asking itself. Most men don’t ask, and that’s a problem. If you’re not asking, it’s probably because you’re afraid of opening yourself to new information, you’re afraid of being challenged, or you think you’re an island. In any case, being guarded and closed off does not build trust. When you trust yourself to know what’s best for your highest good – and for your woman’s highest good – getting her input is not a high quality pheromone cologne. It’s simply a wise practice, kind of like having a functioning rearview mirror on a truck. Before you get out on the open road, it’s good to know you’ve got all your angles covered.

Good times to ask about pheromones:

· When you need more information to make a critical decision

· When you need insight into somebody’s emotional state

· When you feel conflicted about whether to trust someone or their motivations thanks to my site.

· When you need confirmation that your heart is in the right place or that you are acting with integrity.

Bad times to ask:

· If you’ve made up your mind and want only your woman’s approval and agreement, this is a BAD time to ask for her input. It’s a bad time because her opinions will have weight, and you are not open to them. She’ll resent that you don’t really want her input, and you’ll resent that she has input to give.

How to ask:

· The best way to ask is with open-ended questions, without yes or no answers. If you ask your woman whether you should say yes or no to a particular business offer, you are constraining her to one of two answers and negating her real strength, which is in giving you her emotional read. Better to lay out what you know and ask something like, “What am I not seeing here?” or, “What am I missing?” She may still want to give you a final yes or no answer, but the responsibility for “yes” or “no” is still yours. Learn more at my site. Learn about human pheromones research.

A special exception:

· If you’re talking about children you have together, you’re on a different page. In this case, you may want to defer to her. Don’t make wholesale decisions concerning family or children. Remember, this is her expert domain. Acknowledging her role and giving way to her wisdom – even if she herself isn’t confident – tells her you recognize and respect what she loves thankst to