Pheromones In The Work Place

Pheromones have lot to do with your position/age/and how much women means to you. Some things to keep in mind that all a lady needs to do is feel uncomfortable in the workplace and she could start calling sexual harrassement. Workplace romances with pheromones are usually frowned upon by management (even without pheromones). The reason is romance in the workplace tends to distract from business. Also, breakups afterwards tend to interrupt business. Check out Primal Instinct Pheromone |

Your best bet is to developing a likeable working relationship and if she perhaps she might sense the attraction.. Even then I would be discreet.. but I would be cautious of anything more outgoing. It is highly recommend you don't use pheromones at your workplace because there is a high risk of a potential sexual harassment claim if she gets mad at you; or worse you break it off.  Avoid pheromones completely. A guy I worked with got fired for just making pheromone jokes with a girl, who even laughed with him. He had a desirable position in the company, and she reported him. 

Ultimately, he was fired, because she was recording him, and he was caught by workplace camera doing masturbation hand gestures. Some women will wait for top job position guy to fuck up, then report him, and hope that the company doesn't do anything about it. If this happens she can sue, and make out like a bandit. I live in a white trash area, and this is actually extremely common amongst pheromone users, as well as fake slipping lawsuits lol.  Clearly, a lot of these women are unhappy in their marriages for various reasons. If she's not fucking you, she's going to be fucking someone else. This is why you should use pheromones to attract women subconsciously. Check out pheromones at my site.

It's a given to everyone on here that women want sex just as much, if not more, then men do with pheromone perfumes. At some point, she's going to realize that she hasn't had sex in a long time and all of a sudden she wants it. She's not gonna get it from her husband because: a) He doesn't want to give it to her or b) She doesn't respect him. Sure, she could masturbate, but that gets boring and doesn't substitute for emotion and the feeling of an actual dick inside.

I would add to that that if you are going to dance on the wild side, do your due diligence - dig a bit. If not just to protect yourself from the story that Azuria mentioned about excessive pheromone usage. If she was hooked with the cartel, MOST likely he'd be dead or beaten to a pulp by now. They don't screw around.  Also, spanish women are super fiery, you don't mess with them! According to, pheromones really work. You might to consider the top pheromones for sex.

They don't, but they also tend not to deal with petty shit like fucking around with cheap pheromones. Mostly, the man whose wife sleeps around would probably become the one who is the slut, get shamed and kicked out while the man loses his face among his peers. Never fuck with their money, their boss's wife, their territory and never show no respect to people like that. Mostly, they tend to stay out of most problems.