Pheromones For Women Give You An Edge

pheromones for women

In this article, I discuss pheromones for women.

Aside from the usual beauty products such as makeup, perfumes, soaps, and facial wash, a new product is gaining popularity. The market is being invaded by-products which contain pheromones to attract men. These products come in the form of scents incorporated into perfumes, colognes, and other types of spray-on. These products claim to increase a woman’s attractiveness by using the weapon of evolution: biological signals.

How Pheromones For Women Work

Pheromones come in the form of body chemicals which act as a beacon to garner attention from the opposite sex. The wondrous effects of hormones when it comes to eliciting attraction have been seen across a large number of species. In fact, they have been hailed as one of the primary factors leading to sexual reproduction in all animals, including humans. It’s the pheromones’ job to mediate attraction between the sexes via biological means.


Research in humans is still new. The idea of incorporating them into consumable products, however, has risen as a trend. This is because it enhances the marketability of beauty products. A beauty product which contains a biologically proven attractant would surely be chosen by consumers who seek to gain more attention. Women, in particular, have been eager if pheromones to attract men actually work. Over the years, scientists have sought to artificially reproduce human pheromones with the aim of incorporating them into consumable products. So far, scientists have been able to come up with artificial variations of these chemical attractants.

Do They For Women Attract Men?

One might ask the questions: do they attract men actually work? Scientific inquiry has led to the conclusion that these chemical messengers do indeed play a pivotal role in mating. They have proven successful in several studies. One landmark study utilized two kinds of subjects: women used a spray-on with artificial pheromones and women who used a placebo. The results of the study were astounding. Women who used the spray-on with pheromones elicited attraction from men three times greater than women who used only a normal spray-on. Learn more at

Among men, it has been observed that the armpits, which secrete perspiration, are a source of pheromones to attract women. The sense of smell acts as a medium in which the effect of pheromones is interpreted as sexual stimulants by the brain. This study has led to the conclusion that not only are they able to attract the opposite sex; they are even capable of persuading the opposite sex to sexual activity. This is the reason why spray-one with synthetic molecules tout the line “pheromones to attract men”.  It's because they seek to take advantage of the knowledge that pheromones for women are a surefire way to attract the opposite sex according to

Pheromone Perfumes

However, concerns have been raised regarding the veracity of synthetic pheromones having the same effect as naturally-produced ones. Critics have voiced out doubts regarding whether the scent of the product elicits the attraction response.  Although there have been numerous claims regarding the product's success, further research is needed. Scientists still need to verify that artificial pheromone without a doubt able to elicit sexual attractiveness. Learn more at Pheromax |