How pheromones work on women

I have a sexual relationship with this one girl who was a virgin before me. She loved to use pheromone perfume to make men attracted to her. So far we only fooled around twice.. I'm trying to get her to fall in love with me to the point where she will stalk me or something like that... She's VERY hot and barely legal.... so she has choice in men, just like I have choice in women...Does anyone know any good pheromone products on this site that can help me out? Learn about pheromones at

I already read "how to make anyone fall in love with you"

Patrick liked to travel, dine out, and have fine things, and if Kristine was honest with herself, so did she. Kristine also admitted that she wanted a man who could express his feelings easily, and Patrick did so abundantly. But his poetry and declarations of love fell flat for her. They seemed oddly impersonal, and something about his urgency to marry made Kristine nervous according to

Seriously your don't "have choice in woman" if your talking like that. Your acting like your scare that your going to lose her. The fact is you'll lose her eventually because you do not wear pheromones on a regular basis. (1) she's "barely legal, (2) she's not even halfway done sorting out her life yet. Learn more at Pheromax |

The number one way to get a female to fall in love with you is to have sex pheromones. If you had sex and she's still acting casual, then chances are she won't stalk you (a good thing?). If you were unlucky with the ladies during high school, perhaps you can remember all the hot girls who lost their virginities.

If you think back to that time, there was also some natural in the shadow who ended up popping their cherries. And that guy was usually older, had a car and knew what to do. Fast-forward to your situation. This time around YOUR that older guy who's stealing the younger girl from AFC high school kids (or nursery school children?).

You don't want that girl who lacks pheromones. You want the image of that girl. You've become attached to her because you've glorified the image of a young, virgin girl that chose you to lose her virginity with pheromone attractant compounds |

You don't want her to love you for your pheromones. You want to keep her locked up in a box so nobody else can steal your perfect image.

The fact is that you have one it is with a girl you slept with. It's likely that this will not be your life partner, and that she isn't ready to love someone in such a way yet. Whether you like it or not, you're going to lose her eventually.

I just want to have the ego boost from getting to watch a beautiful girl go crazy after me and give everything she has just so she can be with me. I want to go to the point where I want to make her cry because i'm breaking her heart and still have her sit on her knees. I'd get off on that shit. I'm hungry for that type of pheromone cologne.