The Pheromone Seduction System

Earlier I told you the word evolution is defined as “any process of formation or growth; development”. The Pheromone Seduction System represents your personal evolution. There is nothing wrong with the man you are. Remember, the whole purpose of the Pheromone Seduction System isn’t to change yourself into someone you’re not. The purpose, instead, is to augment all of your strengths, and diminish your liabilities, so you can be the BEST person -- the best Pheromone -- you can possibly be according to me. Consider Alter Ego pheromone |

Pheromone Evolution

I also told you throughout this book that pheromone evolution in humans is a cyclical process. This means your personal evolution as a Pheromone must happen continuously. It’s not a linear process. I also want you to remember that when you master the Pheromone Seduction System, you will succeed in ALL areas of your life -- not just dating. Your parenting skills will improve. You will achieve greater success and earn more respect at work. Your friends will view you in a different light. Your whole LIFE will be transformed through pheromones thanks to others.

You can have everything Andrew -- the Pheromone from the previous chapter -- has in his life. The look...the confidence...the girl. But you MUST be willing to do the work. The wise words of Vince Lombardi at the beginning of the chapter merit repeating, because they’re so powerful and so important to the Pheromone philosophy: “The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have. ” In other words, you don’t have to be a George Clooney lookalike. You don’t need more money than Bill Gates. Learn about the scent of pheromones at my site. Learn more at and


You don’t need to be as smart as Albert Einstein. You don’t need to be anything else that you’re not. You only have to be laser-focused on making a positive, lasting change in your “CONCLUSION” life and follow the Pheromone Model of Evolution. When you do the best you can with what you have, you will NOT fail. There’s a Pheromone in every one of us. The question is: When do we unleash him? The answer is: STARTING. RIGHT. NOW .

Naturally, his hot new girlfriend Sandra accompanied him. Andrew couldn’t believe his ex-wife Katherine’s shocked expression when he walked into the auditorium with sexy Sandra. But the astonished look on Katherine’s face had more to do than having an attractive woman on his arm. Andrew could tell Katherine was extremely impressed with the complete package -- the dull, old college professor re-invented as a swaggering, sharp-dressed, confident pheromone user. Their fourth date culminated in a Heavy Payoff -- passionate lovemaking until dawn. Learn more about pheromones at