Pheromone Sprays Give You The Edge

pheromone spray

If you are having a lot of trouble finding a partner, you may want to try using a pheromones spray.

How will this help you?

Pheromones are natural chemicals that the human body produces – insects and animals have long been known to secrete pheromones and use it to their advantage – which when detected by the opposite sex (or even the same sex), can alter their emotions and behaviors. Pheromones convey a person’s availability as a mate, fertility level, arousal, potency, etc. The receiver will not be consciously aware of these though, she is only aware of her attraction to the person.

Although pheromones are naturally produced by the body, their effects are weakened by several factors. This includes daily showers and baths, sweating, the use of deodorants, colognes and perfumes and the clothes one wears. Because of this, there is a need for a person to enhance his pheromones by using pheromone sprays.

There are also pheromone colognes and pheromone perfumes but unlike these products, commercially produced pheromone sprays are odorless. Learn more at and

How will pheromone sprays work for you?

Firstly, wearing pheromones will significantly boost your confidence. With enough self-confidence, you will have no problems whatsoever striking a conversation with the person you are interested in. Confidence will also boost your ability in initiating flirting styles that will inevitably lead to a sexual encounter. For most people, a boost of confidence is all they need to increase their chances of finding a partner.

Some may say that the effect of pheromone sprays is similar to that of a placebo, however, people who feel that they have a higher level of sex appeal than their competition always have a special advantage. Learn more at

The pheromones you’re wearing are discharged into the air and when detected by a member of the opposite sex, a sudden feeling of attraction follows. Pheromone sprays can attract several people at once, turning you into some sort of a human magnet which shouldn’t be such a big problem.

When trying out pheromone sprays, it is best to start by testing its effects first. Working your way through the spray can help you find the best combination to reach your desired attraction level. With experimentation, you have a better chance of attracting your desired mate naturally, and without exerting too much effort. Consider Alter Ego pheromone |

What makes pheromone sprays work?

People emit various types of pheromones and each of these types has specific effects on men and women. Here are the most common pheromones found in commercially produced sprays:

  • Androstenol - this pheromone conveys youthful vitality, friendliness, the feeling of ease and the desire to please. This hormone can help the wearer start a great conversation because members of the opposite sex feel relaxed and safe around this person.
  • Androstenone – conveys dominance and aggression and is linked more to attracting a mate and getting sexual responses.
  • Copulins – females produce this chemical substance during ovulation and it is a mixture of essential fatty acids and natural substances. This chemical substance is designed to stimulate copulation and is said to make a woman more desirable to a man when she wears it.
  • Androsterone – conveys masculinity and human protection. When a man wears this pheromone, it is believed to instantly turn him into a protective, virile alpha male.

If you are looking to spice up your sex life, add romance, or simply level the playing field in your favor, pheromone sprays can help.  Though most sprays available in the market are odorless, there are some which are scented. You can also mix unscented sprays with your cologne of choice; just make sure that the fragrance won’t overcome the pheromones. Learn more about pheromones at