The Topic of Human Pheromones

While the topic of human pheromones is relatively new to the world of science, for centuries people have suspected that some- thing was occurring between themselves and other people that couldn’t be explained easily and fully with the sensory definitions of the day. Both popular and academic literature is peppered with anecdotes of human interactions that appear to involve pheromonal communication according to

Pheromone Research

William C. Agosta, a leading animal pheromone researcher at New York City’s Rockefeller University, recounts such an anecdote in his scientific investigation Chemical Communication: The Language of Pheromones. The story hints at the inexplicable powers of subconscious pheromonal signals that are still being uncovered layer by layer. 

According to reports published in the psychosexual literature of the nineteenth century, a young Austrian peasant was very skilled at attracting the ladies. Before entering his favorite dance hall, the peasant would tuck a hand- kerchief into the cave of his armpit; once securely in place, the cloth would become soaked—pheromone perfumed, you could say—with sweat. When the peasant’s female dancing partners became overheated with activity, he would remove the handkerchief from his armpit and use it to wipe their faces. It was a thought- full gesture, but a larger question looms: Did the peasant enjoy steady success at dances because he unknowingly (but quite smartly) delivered potent blasts of his pheromones to the local girls? Armpits—not usually what comes to mind in a discussion ‘ of romance and sex—are indeed sexy because they are one place on the body where pheromones are produced in abundance thanks to the research at

Perhaps modern-day society will embrace a practice that reached the height of its popularity during Shakespeare’s time.  It was common then for a woman on the prowl to tuck a bit of A peeled apple under her arm. (When the fruit had absorbed her perspiration, the lady would offer her specially prepared pheromones to the suitor of her choice, who would sniff the panties) according to

What Do I think About Pheromones?

We’ll master all kinds of pheromone approaches first, and I mean first, then we’ll handle what should I talk about problem. It is no use knowing how to succeed in talking, if you freeze when woman you want is surrounded by her friends. You may never get the chance to talk to her that way. Approaching a solo girl in a club is easy, and that’s why you must do it first. It is easy, ‘cause it is acceptable action for the manners they install into a man’s head, but just approaching a group of girls will be a lot harder. Many men can easily approach a lone girl, and will spend the whole evening searching for an attractive woman that is alone. They will walk and walk for hours. Most of them will not realize that if there is no hot woman that are alone, they should approach hot woman that are not alone. The excuses have taken over. 

Most of men will not realize that, ‘cause their program inside the mind does not let them realize that. Others will realize that it would be logical to approach a group of girls, if the girl they want is there, but will still be blocked by conscious, or unconscious, excuses. I will now kick those excuses out of your mind.