Vicerex Reviews: Does It Work?

If you land on this page, you are probably looking for information and related reviews on Vicerex. The question is: does Vicerex work? Or it is just a scam? And, what’s the best way to increase penis size? You will find out later.

My name is John Lee, and I run a Men's Health newsletter. In response to hundreds of emails received to ask about Vicerex, I and my team decided to conduct a thorough review of Vicerex, the latest male enhancement product. According to the official websites, these are the claims of Vicerex:

  • Long-lasting erection for up to 72 hours;
  • Produce intense sexual arousal, a spontaneous erection and a sudden urge of sex!
  • The only herbal sex pill you can take with alcohol!

Vicerex: the facts

We found that Vicerex is no different from other male enhancement product. It is a nutritional supplement that may help to improve erection. But, the effect is temporary. You can’t possibly maintain an erection for 72 hours straight. In addition, we are disappointed to find out that it doesn’t increase penis size.

Vicerex also claims that it is safe to be used with alcohol. However, there are no related studies nor there’s independent data to back up such outrageous claims. You have to understand that excessive alcohol consumption can reduce sexual arousal and performance. If you want to make long passionate sex, do not take more than one glass of alcohol per day! Learn more at

Bottom line? We found that Vicerex is a supplement of poor quality. As well, the general feedbacks from internet suggest that it doesn’t work as advertised. If you are looking for a quality sexual enhancement supplement, go for brands of scientifically proven herbal extracts that are manufactured with FDA approved facility.


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