What are Pheromones and Their Effects?


Pheromones are generally believed to be olfactory sensors. Research shows they are secreted by many different parts of the body such as the skin, sweat glands, saliva, and urine. In addition, they are believed to impact important stages of human life, such as breastfeeding. For example, it is said that a newborn baby can tell the difference between a breast pad worn by its mother and one worn by another mother. The infant will automatically ignore the breast pad worn by a stranger.

Even your soul mate must have the correct pheromones to get your attention. Subconsciously, you’re more likely react to pheromones that are transmitted by this person due to genetics. There is a well known white tee-shirt test in which women choose tee shirts with odors of men they were genetically compatible with. They hated tee shirts worn by men who were incompatible genetically. In addition, the chosen odors reminded them of their boyfriends.

Subconscious Sexual Attraction

Pheromones make others sexually attractive to you. When females perspire, they secrete pheromones that others detect via the nervous system, brain, and nose. About 10 percent of all males secrete androsterone. This is a pheromone that is considered to give off extreme amounts of sex appeal. The males in question may not look sexy, but women still consider them to be incredibly sexy.

Most men secrete androsterone via their hair and skin. Both sexes secrete it via their urine, but men secrete 4 times as much as women. This is a pheromone that is produced by the male and female adrenal glands. It is also found in armpit sweat. Androsterone is also present in smegma. This is a chemical that comes from the sebaceous glands of the vagina and penis.

Studies prove there is another powerful pheromone secreted by the vagina, and it is copulin. It is mostly present in vaginal fluids. It appears copulin is connected to hormonal changes that are present during the female menstrual cycle.

Therapeutic Applications

Per Masters and Johnson, people can use pheromone products to correct sexual dysfunctions. They believe the sense of smell should be used more often to correct these problems. They utilize pheromone scented lotions in their clinics to treat couples with sexual problems. They conducted a 10-year study that proves the effectiveness of pheromones to treat sexual dysfunctions. Learn more at http://swankyseven.com and http://pomm79.moonfruit.com

Sexual Applications

It is a well-known fact that the perfume industry adds pheromones to its products. They claim they are used as a carrier for various fragrances; however, pheromones are added for seduction purposes.

What Happens When You Use Pheromones?

The following are reported benefits of using pheromones:

  • Decreased anxiety
  • Improved confidence
  • Less social nervousness
  • Increased feelings of sexual attraction
  • Increased positivity
  • Improved office relationships
  • Enhanced sex life
  • Greater opportunities for romance
  • Empowerment
  • Improved sense of self-fulfillment


You’ll probably never know if your favorite perfume has pheromones. This is because perfume manufacturers are not required to list them on product labels. So, apply a few drops to determine if there are notable changes. However, you can purchase and add pheromones to your perfume of choice. Learn more at http://anatomist.info.